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  Glad you stuck around for the third installment of this series of experiments.  If this was “Return of the Jedi”, then you would think this was the very last time I’ll ever paint like this again.  Or is it?  I don’t know and neither do you, and that’s why life can get so interesting. […]


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  Last time we met, I discussed the core essence of my painting in two simple words (cause I love simplicity).  And that phrase was: Humanly Intimate Pretty cool phrase?  But maybe you expected more?  If I have to brand my blog or artwork, it would be “More for less”.   My goal is to […]

1.22.12: Painting experiment inside, part 1

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  With just a few paints such as yellow, red, blue and white, I wanted to experiment on different surfaces.  There’s a cat I live with named “Reba”  Such a cute little brown/white cat.  This painting was intentionally created in an abstract because I felt like having more fun with the abstract element.  This will […]

Drawing is the foundation for life and guitars

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                                                      first drawing of the year   I was finally in the mood to draw again. Drawing is like the acoustic guitar in relation to the electric guitar.  Drawing […]