Little Italy Art Exhibition

This is a collection of paintings done on location in Italy over 3 weeks in July/August 2017.  Pretend you are in this huge gallery and all that is expected is to experience one painting at a time without distraction.  Take time to enjoy the colors, the scenes, and what it can do to your senses.  Breathe in and out.  If you like my work, you can share with a friend which would be really awesome.

Contact me if you are interested in purchasing a painting.

Little Italy

Video of ‘Sant’Agnello Cypress’

#6 Sant’Agnello Cypress Video from Joshua Lance on Vimeo.

My blog post describing this trip!

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  • what a great idea to display like you are in a gallery to the viewers–so colorful and happy looking-always enjoy your blogs and how you travel fearlessly–I have moved to my happy place in Taos and left most everything behind in Maryland at age 75 so maybe that is a journey too–hope to see you one day painting in the Plaza here–fond wishes to you wherever you travel and paint

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