A Woman of Sakura – Completed

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Woman of Sakua Final 712x1024 A Woman of Sakura   Completed

~ A Woman of Sakura  8.75×11  oil on board
©Joshua Lance



Let’s see the process with minimal words here…

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It all started with a trip to Kyoto, Japan…

IMG 0038 768x1024 A Woman of Sakura   Completed

Mixing the palette for the right color combinations

Woman of Sakura 768x1024 A Woman of Sakura   Completed

Filling in the hair and face set the stage for everything else.

Woman of Sakua Final 712x1024 A Woman of Sakura   Completed

Painting the kimono was a technicolor delight! One of my most colorful paintings ever.

Young Korean Soulmates and my painting adventure

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Let me tell you a story about a young Korean couple who quickly befriended me not too long ago.  The woman is from Indonesia and the man from Korea.  They met in Australia during college and soon dated, fell in love and this past Sunday got married.  Fortunately, I was invited and soon I realized I better get them a good gift.  Then I remembered that art could make a good gift.  No, a great gift.  If it touched the soul.

So I quickly went to work and first drew the drawing from pre-wedding photos they posted.  I took my favorite one and started the composition in pencil.  It looked good to me in pencil and it could have been a finished piece and that would be that.

But that would be too easy, of course.

So I went further and started painting their faces.  Ok, that worked.  Now I  worked on  their clothes, keeping it loose and bold.  I couldn’t make a full oil painting because it wouldn’t have been dried in time, so I used other materials such gesso and pencil.  I did paint the faces and skin in oil, but lightly.  It took two days to complete and three days to dry.  I had it framed in 1 day at a local frameshop in Changwon.  I started from pencil on Monday and had it framed by Saturday…in 5 days flat.

I had the pleasure to give it to them as a wedding gift on Sunday…they loved it.

I could finally exhale…The End.

10.14.12 003 Young Korean Soulmates and my painting adventure10 14 12 009 0 Young Korean Soulmates and my painting adventure

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landscape painting experiment Joshualance 1024x768 1.28.12: PAINTING EXPERIMENT INSIDE, PART 3

'Western Serenity' oil on pastel paper 9x12


Glad you stuck around for the third installment of this series of experiments.  If this was “Return of the Jedi”, then you would think this was the very last time I’ll ever paint like this again.  Or is it?  I don’t know and neither do you, and that’s why life can get so interesting.  It’s always unexpected.

So without any delay, here’s my landscape painting that I created out of my head.  I’ve lived in the New Mexico desert for the past 5 years and feel like I can interpret my own version of this style of landscape.

What I see essential of what I want to put into it, such as mountains, water, huge fields to run around in, distance, foregrounds of flowers.   Touches of bright lights bring the painting to a new level.  This is everything I adore of a great landscape painting.  How I executed the painting itself, I only had one thing in mind.

Fewer strokes, more emotions.

That’s it.  To express yourself under these strict guidelines can alter your creativity in different ways.  It makes you get off of auto-pilot and your right brain will think of different solutions in achieving a certain goal or look for a painting.  I don’t even think it looks like a finished painting, doesn’t have to.

Fewer strokes.  More emotions.

If you set certain rules or restrictions prior in creating a painting, it helps you achieve things in a focused manner.  And being focused is a hard thing to do.  Especially in this ADHD world we live in.

So please experiment with your work.  There’s a lot you can do in a short amount of time and attention span.  Just show up and let your creativity take over, you’ll thank me.  More importantly, you’ll thank yourself.

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