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Red Flames of My Heart

Red_Flames_of_my_Heart - small

Red Flames of my Heart
Oil on Panel
$225 / Available

Josh's bar

Once in a while, you get up out of your bed and you’re thinking, “Ok, what should I make today?  Not sure.  Time to procrastinate and listen to some rock music on YouTube.  And the strange thing is, is that something comes over you and you decide to face your little easel with a little bit of courage and see what happens.  “Red Flames” is what came out of it.  Now sunsets are nothing new to me, but there are always challenges.  If you’re not careful, they will easily become just another mediocre painting.  But if you are using both your conscious and subconscious mind as a team, something interesting may come out of it.  I think hard about what to paint, what to do, but you have to turn off your mind and make room for the subconscious to take over too.  That’s where the love and passion come in.  To express what your rational mind cannot.  And you have to trust yourself completely, even if you’re unsure.  The most important thing is to trust the process.

I have started to use new colors, such as Napthol Red and Indian Yellow from Gamblin.  They were sent by my dad for the holidays, as I wanted to try out those colors and I have always loved those colors.  And the results were impressive, not just the technique, but the color of the sunset was exactly the way I wanted it.  Not just close or something else, but the exact shade, color, and feeling all worked at the same time.  The river is a constant source of inspiration and the composition was very simple, but the way to paint it to make it interesting and different than before is always the most challenging.  I can easily become bored of the subject and not afraid to repaint the whole thing.  Seems like when you get older, your standards for everything goes up.  Though my tastes may have matured, my passion has grown stronger.  My curiosity to explore and push the envelope has remained strong to this day, and that’s a good thing.  I believe an artist should always push his/her boundaries and risk failure or success.

There’s a thin line between failure and success.  The artist first decides it, then the public.  And if I’m fortunate enough, there’s someone who wants to own it.  It’s a win-win, because now you have spread your love, your art to other people and places in the world.  You have no idea whose flames you will lift higher.  That’s why I keep painting.

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A Woman of Sakura – Completed


~ A Woman of Sakura  8.75×11  oil on board
©Joshua Lance



Let’s see the process with minimal words here…



It all started with a trip to Kyoto, Japan…


Mixing the palette for the right color combinations


Filling in the hair and face set the stage for everything else.


Painting the kimono was a technicolor delight! One of my most colorful paintings ever.

Young Korean Soulmates and my painting adventure

Let me tell you a story about a young Korean couple who quickly befriended me not too long ago.  The woman is from Indonesia and the man from Korea.  They met in Australia during college and soon dated, fell in love and this past Sunday got married.  Fortunately, I was invited and soon I realized I better get them a good gift.  Then I remembered that art could make a good gift.  No, a great gift.  If it touched the soul.

So I quickly went to work and first drew the drawing from pre-wedding photos they posted.  I took my favorite one and started the composition in pencil.  It looked good to me in pencil and it could have been a finished piece and that would be that.

But that would be too easy, of course.

So I went further and started painting their faces.  Ok, that worked.  Now I  worked on  their clothes, keeping it loose and bold.  I couldn’t make a full oil painting because it wouldn’t have been dried in time, so I used other materials such gesso and pencil.  I did paint the faces and skin in oil, but lightly.  It took two days to complete and three days to dry.  I had it framed in 1 day at a local frameshop in Changwon.  I started from pencil on Monday and had it framed by Saturday…in 5 days flat.

I had the pleasure to give it to them as a wedding gift on Sunday…they loved it.

I could finally exhale…The End.

Young Korean Soulmates

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