1.22.12: Painting experiment inside, part 1

'Cat Relapse' 9x12 oil on pastel paper


With just a few paints such as yellow, red, blue and white, I wanted to experiment on different surfaces.  There’s a cat I live with named “Reba”  Such a cute little brown/white cat.  This painting was intentionally created in an abstract because I felt like having more fun with the abstract element.  This will be a very short post because I want to create posts from now on that will be the essence or “core” of my painting.

My blog is now a creative journal.  It sounds more human and intimate, and I like that as much as the core values of my artwork.  Humanly intimate.

The verbal side of the right brain.  If that exists.  I do know for one thing.  You cannot BS your way to a good painting.  A good painting shows its raw emotion, use it to its full strength and don’t hold back.

Feel free to respond, it’s your free will.  If you like this post, show some love and pass it on.   – jl

Part 2 and 3 coming this week, stay tuned…


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