plum fiesta 5×7 oil on board

The last few days  I have been teetering on heaven and hell.  I’m setting my sights on getting my act together and prepare for a mural competition in Tucson later this month.  Meanwhile, I’m going through some personal stuff that involves loss of pet and loss of relationship.  It’s been difficult to assert any creativity and writing has been my main outlet lately.  Maybe the logical thing to do is to quit, start fresh, start a new life and be done with the craft I have committed to for over 20 years. 

But if you look into my heart, I ain’t going to do it!
I just don’t have “quit” in me, it’s just that simple.
So I will spend just 5 minutes examining the word “quit” in all its glory, without filter and deep thought.  Whatever comes to mind, here it goes.
  • don’t want the disease in my life
  • quit means loser
  • eating my flesh with vengence
  • it’s like a cancer that just won’t quit
  • I want to choke and kill it before it kills me
  • It’s so easy to have it part of your family.
  • It can destroy family
  • It can destroy creativity
  • It can make art look like shit
  • There’s no hope in quit.
  • There’s a disease called “quit”but no medication
  • Whats the right solution for quit?
  • I don’t think quit should be part of my vocabulary
  • I want to feel what hope is again
  • I want to create without quit in my brain
  • “Quit” can make anyone go insane
  • I quit…for now
  • Maybe I won’t quit tomorrow