A Personal Blog Interview

This interview and questions was created by local New Mexican artist, Chantal Monte

Hope you enjoy!

 Please share one of your poems with us.

This one's called "Santa Fe Sonata"

In Santa Fe, you can be anything you want to be, but it's never free.
You must pay your dues to wear the shoes that makes you happy.
The purple mountains fill the skyline
and the sea of Pinon never looked so fine.
It's there if you care, yours and mine, all the time.
The sky is blue because the angels have cried for you.
Every tear represents every minute you're living here.
People come here for a home but this home seeps in your soul
to the core of your bones.
When your eyes are open
you still think you're dreaming.
There's nothing to worry about
you ain't missed a thing.
 What is your take on the gallery scene?

It's going through hard times like any other business, some galleries have closed while others are still doing well.  But the tourism overall has gone down a bit, talking with a few gallery owners.  Personally, I'm about to go to some galleries with my work, hopefully get some representation.  I'm optimistic that galleries will rebound and come back stronger than ever.

 What is living the art dream?

To do the kind of work you're meant to do, to grow personally that will affect the quality of your art.  To actually make an income and treat your work like it's a real job, not just a hobby.  And to ultimately make the world a better places and creating more smiles with your work.  It sounds idealistic, but I like to break things down to its most simple components.

 Living in Santa Fe, what does it mean to you?

It means to truly living outside of your own box and boundaries, especially if you weren't born here.  I'm used to living in the Lambertville, NJ area for much of my life.  I like the fact though it's not so fast pace here and there's so much space to live and breathe, and so much beauty around me.  But the economy and race-relations aren't as rosy and it breaks my heart seeing so many people lose their jobs or settle for minimum wage jobs.  It has so much more potential to become innovative and set the standard, to become a leader that other cities would admire.  Santa Fe is like my graduate school, I have learned so much from other artists and people, it's helped me grow in many ways, and that's what I'm grateful for the most.

 Greatest intention for your work right now?

I have been in a rut on and off because my style is evolving so much, but I'm leaning towards more abstract work.  It's improved a lot in the past 6 months though.  The colors have gotten bolder with more texture.  I'm very interested in the subconcious and the rhythmic energy of this world.  I paint because I have to, the more I do it, the more I'll understand about myself and life.  I'm satisfying a desire and curiosity.  I also hope to beautify the world, even teach people through my life experiences one day.  I think it's equally important to create and give back, it's like the circle of life.  I'm humbled to be a creator of beauty and honoring my divine spirit in the process.

If anyone would like for me to interview them on their blog, I'll gladly personalize 5 questions and we can link each other up as well.