Alter my reality


I just came back from the Philippines to renew my visa so I could stay in Taiwan. Instead of going to resorts like most travelers, I hung around Manila most of the time. At times, I thought it was very disturbing and stressful. I wanted to see the reality of Manila and got it. A noisy, chaotic city filled with friendly people, yet many who were so poor. It looked like poverty was a way of life. I never seen it this close and personal before.  It was very disturbing to know this does really exist when you finally witness it with your own eyes.

What’s just as worst or more is having poverty of the mind.  Despite what you have, you always feel that you’re lacking something.  Or it could mean you’re not taking care of your own basic needs very well.  I was a victim of this for years and though I’ve come a long way, still there is much to do.  To live in abundance is to honor your gifts.  I turned down a job offer in Japan because I have a great opportunity to touch lives with my art with students.  I’m just starting to find my way in this part of the world.

This drawing above is the only art I have created on my trip.  I found a Chinese temple on the same street my hotel was.  Within all the madness of clubs, restaurants and broken dreams, there was this one lone temple.  I went in and stayed a while.  And luckily had my sketch pad.  I sketched an alter, full of life and color.  I needed to save my soul and sanity at this point.

The red candles, flowers, mirror, trees, table, so much to take in, yet so spiritual I had to draw it.

Art saves the day again.