‘Apple on Tea’

‘Apple on Tea’ oil on board, 6×6 $75

Back at the easel on Wednesday in Korea.  I bought this green apple last night, waiting to eat it for breakfast.  I promised myself to not eat it until I paint it.  That was the deal.  Paint or starve.  Ok, so I had to work for my food today, I accepted the challenge.  I also had this silver canister of green tea that I thought would be interesting to put in my painting I got in Kyoto, Japan last spring.  I had this rustic piece of wood I found near a construction site by my house.  There were many scraps and I wanted to find some panels to paint on.  It’s hard to find good supports to paint here in Korea.  So these scraps I picked up are the next best thing.  I sanded it and put gesso on it so the paint wouldn’t be absorbed by the wood.  I have always like the rough, rustic look of supports because it has some kind of authenticity and soul to them.  The support is like a backbone to a painting.  Like a drummer to a band.  It sets the tone and mindset to the work.  A strong support makes for strong art I believe.

I also painted vertically for the first time.  I saw this technique painting pools of paint upright by this artist named Tony Ryder while working in Santa Fe.  His technique fascinated me, says that when the palette is placed upright, you don’t have to bend over to look at the palette.  Your eye will be on par with the painting and will take less effort to observe and match colors.  It must have meant a lot to me, because I have remembered this tidbit for 4 years.  I enjoyed it very much,  and makes me feel more organized and here are the results.

My easel set up with painting in my studio.