Art Blog: A creative explosion can be fun

I'm restless today, I haven't painted in a long time.  Been taken care of too many small details and errands lately it's easy to get lost.  So I finally allowed myself to explode.  Well if I really exploded I wouldn't be writing now, would I?  But I really exploded and I have the pics to prove it below.  I used acrylic paints for this special occasion because it's an easier clean up and I have pints, not just little tubes.  When you have large amounts of paint to work with, you feel more free, more riskier and playful.  I had some Brazilian music in the background to have an upbeat exotic vibe going on.  And then I just let loose, dipping and slashing, flinging paint.  The walls and floor of my place finally had some real decoration!  I was like a hunter or an animal in the wild, walking around, waiting to pounce, then fired the paint onto the board!  I also used my hands, my feet, nothing was taboo.  Total artistic freedom.  It felt good.  It was what I needed to do.  I meant nothing.  It meant everything.  Is this going to be the direction to go in?  I don't want to think about it, all I did was made the most of the moment.  To me, that's what making art is all about in the end.  Focus on the process and the rest will take care of itself.  I felt like a zen-master with a brush, allowing all my emotions to freely come out.  I was true to myself.  And here are the results:

Abstract paintings
My studio masterpieces today!

Abstract indian painting
A representational painting with abstract twist of two Indians

2 abstracts
My other abstract works