Art is the best medication

Beyond Sangria 5x7 oil on board

When you are not feeling well, some people reach for that bottle of headache medicine, or even a presecription.  I’m no doctor, I’m an artist, so I only know what I know by experience.  Nature created me, so I must be a genius for writing this post, right?  And personally  for me, I conclude that art is the best medication out there.  I love music, as it feeds my soul and yes I can’t live without it.  No one can.  I believe art and music can be traced right down to your cells.  Why else can humans resonate with it?  Art on the other hand is everywhere you look.  It’s in nature such as the rocks, trees, grass.  If you look under a microscope, you will see designs and patterns in nature’s creations.  So it’s soothing to know that humans didn’t invent art, nature did.  And I believe we are just a small part of nature.

Very small .

Wouldn’t it make sense that art is also part of our DNA as well?

Therefore, if that’s all true, then art is essential to our lives.  Period.

Art is a natural healer, let us take nature’s presecription and rejoice.  Nuff said.