Artists are funny creatures


Got the whole art in my hands!

Got the whole art in my hands!


Artists are funny creatures.  I figured this is an interesting way to start here.  We have to wait at the right time to start a painting, maybe when there’s a half moon in the Aries sign before the first snowfall.  There must be an easier way to be inspired to do our work, our love, our craft, to fuel our souls and way of life.  I almost want to turn off my mind, relax and float downstream (hear me John Lennon?).  But it’s a sign when if all you do is promote your work and yet don’t have much time to do your art, then Houston we have a problem here.   It’s easy to fall in that guilty trap of procrastination when there’s a bunch of art to be made.

 That’s when you should drop everything, just close your eyes, maybe meditate to clear your mind, and start fresh.  Meditation is one way to clear your mind, start again with a clean slate and begin anew.  And it’s not just artists who need meditation.  I think we can all agree that regardless of what career or job we’re doing, we need sometimes to escape and reconnect with our own body, mind and soul.  Fortunately, art does all that too, if you ever tried it.  Have you?  It’s never too late to pick up a brush or take a class again.  

We had a discussion today of what it means to be rich.  I said that “millionaire” comes to mind.  Rafael says that you can lead a rich life no matter what’s going on outside you.  Another artist that came in the Easel Place said that he doesn’t want to sell art because it’s like “selling your soul”.  I responded that it’s ok to make money.  

Money doesn’t create evil, people do that enough.  I find it soul-enriching to have someone buy my art and hang it in their home.  It gives me a sense of accomplishment and purpose, knowing I did some good in this life.  Too many people go through jobs they hate and end up bitter and old in the end due to their circumstances and decisions.  So when the urge hits, do something creative for yourself and your life, your soul will appreciate it.