'Aveiro Square' 11x14 oil on wood

Aveiro Square…finished!!!

Starting the process

Early morning October 6, I finished Aveiro Square.  A painting that took a long time on purpose for various reasons.  First, I usually work fast on a piece because I want to capture the emotional force at that moment.  What I did this time was capture it through drawings, photos and oil sketches.  I worked slow because I knew of the complexity of the piece ahead of time.  This was going to include figures, something I haven’t done much.  I usually do landscapes by themselves, but I wanted to include some tourists because they were also as important to the authenticity of the scene.

And finishing the process…

The whole process took about 2 weeks.  Some days I intentionally took a break so I could think things through, to get a sense of where it was going.  Relating to music, I wanted to take a lot more time develop the composition.  I ended up including some important buildings as well as not including everything.  As an artist, you have to be selective or the whole thing becomes a runaway horse.  In the past, I have often ignored the importance of composition in hopes that my colors will save the day.  As of now, I learned that that a great composition begins with large shapes, placing the right values in the right places and then color accordingly to the first two.

It’s fun to watch the process unfold slowly and it helped me appreciate the process even more, rather than rush it through without a break.  There’s nothing I won’t try, and this painting has taught me how patience and skill can work together to create something quite special.  I also learning to control my lights and shadows more too, and how dark or light to make my shapes.

Yes, process can be fun if you enjoy and keep that curiosity.

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