Back from the Grace Church Art Show


It’s been a while since I posted, and for those who read my posts, I thank you for taking the time to read and look at my new work.  I’ve been quite busy with painting and getting ready for art shows.  This past Saturday, I had a show at the Grace Church in Albuquerque.

The idea was to just bring a table, easel, my miniature paintings, notecards and small, original oil paintings.  It was a much more simpler set-up than a large outdoor show where I have a canopy and mesh walls.  The goal was to promote my portraits and smaller works, to have a free raffel of a print to gain more fans and email addresses, to gain more show experience so I can do a better job as a businessman.  There was a lot of traffic, but because I believe of  the economy, most were looking around and not buying, at least not buying things over $10.  I have all price ranges for things and I know they’re quite affordable.

But I can’t sell my paintings for $10, sorry, it just wouldn’t be professional and I am also trying to earn a living.  I thought my presentation of my products really improved over the last few months and I felt good of what I  had to offer.  I sold about 7 notecards, 6 were of the Santuario Church.  Plus I did get two possible commission requests and have to follow up, which was quite exciting.  I’m not sure if my future is in portraits, landscapes or both.  I just enjoy painting what moves me, and that’s portraits and landscapes.  Quite simply, if you do what you love, than sooner or later someone else will relate to your craft too.  So this is where being persistent is all about, keep painting, keep have shows, keep your art out of the studio and into the public forum, and who knows what will happen?  I expect good things.  The 2 drawings below are my latest and done with conte’ crayon, enjoy!

My art booth set-up on Nov 7 at Grace Church

My art booth set-up on Nov 7 at Grace Church

Conte' Crayon drawing of Parrot

Conte’ Crayon drawing of Parrot

Conte' Crayon drawing of Ben

Conte’ Crayon drawing of Ben