Back from the People’s Fair in one piece

I just got back from the People's Fair in Denver last night.  After 30 framed paintings and close to 40 oil studies, I was prepared as I could be.  Plus, I borrowed an artist's tent and walls which helped greatly with the expenses.  First of all, the drive was easy, up route 25 is very scenic and I could paint an entirely new series based on it.  What I noticed this time was  that there were parts that reminded me of Ireland, it had this mossy green look on the hills and mountains, especially from colorado springs to denver.  Southern Colorado was like New Mexico, maybe a tad greener, but it's considered a high desert.  I set up my booth and walls on Friday night, took me close to 4 hours because I never set up a tent/booth like this.  It took some help from volunteers to set up the tent.  Turns out Broadway was crowded on Saturday, however this crowd appeared to be more of a blue collar crowd, and I have nothing against blue collar folks.  But there was more looking than buying.  I ended up selling 1 magnet and 1 small church painting on Saturday, that was it.  Everything looked good in the booth, the weather was great and was making notes what to do differently to generate sales on Sunday.  So on Sunday, I made the prices much larger on my postcards and put the prices of my work on the frames.  Though I got the most attention on paintings like "Afterglow" and "Gateway to El Santuario", nothing sold on Sunday.  Plus there was a major hail storm around 1pm, made everyone leave.  When the skies cleared, most people came back.  Turned out there was a tornado nearby.  Fortunately, nothing got damaged, just some blankets on the ground got soaked, there was a river literally running through my booth because I was parked by a gutter.  I got to meet several cool artists locally and learned much about myself and my work at this festival.  It was the most grueling, physical art fair I attended to.  On the way back to Santa Fe, I took a detour and stopped at the Great Sand Dunes near Almosa, CO, I've never been to this sand dunes.  Then I decided to climb it, it's part of my nature to challenge myself, and wanted to see if I could reach the top.  After an hour, with dehydration and Rocky music in my head, I managed to scrap and claw my way to the top.  I had a great view of the mountains and valley below me at 13,000 feet.  I'll have to go back to this big sandbox one day.  Lastly, I stopped at Ojo Caliente pools, which was a great way to end the trip, I needed to soak in the natural springs and relax. An hour later, I was finally home.  I plan not to drive today, unwinding sounds better.  Sure I wish I made more sales, but I've seen first hand what the economy could do.  It's not good for artists.  I have to try different things to accomplish my goals.  Failure can be a good thing, but for now I'm tired and disappointed.  How to bounce back is up to me.

Josh's Booth 6:09
My booth at the People's Fair, Denver

Great Dunes, CO
Great Dunes, Almosa, CO

Great Dunes
I reached the top of the dunes, still alive!