“My goal and mission are to paint vibrant, raw, and timeless works of art that share universal values towards nature and humanity.”


Joshua Lance enjoys the art of storytelling through real-life experiences, documenting the moments from a National Geographic perspective.  He uses a simplified palette of primaries to create harmonious relationships.  He has traveled and lived around the globe, teaching English and art while working on his latest, hand-crafted work of art.  His techniques come from his influences of impressionism and some classical elements.  Essence and emotion are more important than hyper-realistic details.  Music is also influential in Joshua’s work, as he puts great importance on composition, tones and emotion and rhythm of brushstrokes that are all part of his signature style.  He often calls his works “Visual Jazz”, as there is often spontaneity of his brushwork in a disciplined composition.

Born in Hempstead, NY and raised in New Jersey, Arizona, and Connecticut, Josh has traveled and lived in many places, it’s in his blood.  As an adult, he received degrees in art and illustration, studied graduate level art therapy coursework and studied with a Taiwanese master painter near Taipei.  Josh’s influences of travel and geography have influenced his outlook on art and life.  He has lived in New Mexico for five years before relocating to South Korea, then Taiwan for 5 years.

Josh is not just an observer of life with a brush, but also a participant.  He has painted in mural projects for commissions and many international solo and group shows since 1991.  In 2016, he volunteered in rural China to help high school students create a large wall mural at their school.  After spending five years in Asia, he lived in Portugal in 2017-18 and visited other countries nearby, such as Spain, Italy, and Ireland.  In 2018, he returned to his childhood hometown of Lambertville, New Jersey where he developed a mobile, studio gallery with his easel and started to paint a large collection of landscapes and portraits, over 100 paintings since his return.  This past spring, Josh has been featured in publications, such as New Jersey Stage Arts, New Hope Gazette and the Bucks County Magazine.

Mr. Lance is currently living and working in Lambertville, New Jersey.