Birth of Taipei Sunrise


Birth of Taipei Sunrise, oil on board, 8x8x1″

I barely slept last night. Many wild thoughts and mind on overload. I don’t know if it was because of a super full moon, my birthday or my desire to paint. I fortunately live high up with lots of windows and for the first time, I got to witness a sunrise here in Taipei. It started with an orange/pinkish sky and then a big red ball appeared from the skyline below and began its ascent. I had to capture it quickly because the sky changes color so quickly, you have to be decisive and a bit aggressive with your paint selection. I used a very limited palette too, a warm and cool red, a yellow and a blue. A short time later, I have this painting.

Here’s a poem I wrote that goes with this painting:

Desire what you may see
in the sky that truly free.
Without much sleep I yearn
to seek the secrets of the sun.
Seeking a sanctuary I awoke
with the sky on fire.
Leaving all behind to gather
the positivity that makes life higher.
Discovering what really counts in
a matter of time.
Learning to appreciate life is my
salvation to committing no crime.