Blog Challenge (Day 6): Reach Out and I’ll Be There

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I’m taking a 10-day blog challenge by Natalie Sisson, the suitcase entrepreneur who is an inspiring artist of a lifestyle I would like to attain. Let’s go!

Day 6

There’s a lot of artists I love and enjoy who inspire me.  Not just the quality of their art, but how they lead their lives.  They are not just successful, but happy with their lives, doing great.  So when it came down to figure out which artist has had the biggest impact on my life and what they stand for, I had to do some serious soul searching.  And they have to be living artists as well.  Artists such as Fechin, Monet, Renoir, Zorn, DaVinci have been true mentors, as I studied their art and lives.  And I certainly have respect for many living artists who are living the dream.  So I had to pick someone I haven’t met in person that I can ask one question in person, what inspires me about them and why would I love to be part of their tribe.  This was tough because I admire so many artists who are living their dream and doing it the right way.  So I’m picking two artists because of two different subject matters.

The first one is Scott Christensen, a landscape painter from Victor, Idaho who paints extraordinary landscapes with just a limited palette.  I love how delicate and soft his colors are, and how down-to-earth he appears.  He truly connects with nature and it shows.  He really lets his painting do the talking, but he’s a natural teacher as well.  I would ask him about his business plan and pick his brain while painting with him outdoors.   That would be so valuable to my own education.  I’d love to be part of his tribe and circle one day.


The second one is Cesar Santos, a portrait painter who has a classically-trained background with a modern touch.  His techniques are awe-inspiring and awesome, something I aspire to be.  A very high standard indeed.  He is also a gifted teacher with a dvd of his techniques that’s beyond compare.  He is very passionate and easy to listen too.  I would love to ask him about him running a success portrait business.


So there you have it.  Not so easy to pick two main ones.  And certainly I have many artists I respect and still learning from.  I look at these particular two artists mainly because of adopting their art techniques and teaching abilities will help me get to where I want to go.   This was a tremendous exercise to put into words too.