Blog Challenge (Day 7): One breath at a time to freedom

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I’m taking a 10-day blog challenge by Natalie Sisson, the suitcase entrepreneur who is an inspiring artist of a lifestyle I would like to attain. Let’s go!

Day 7

I have to pick one imperfect action that will lead me to the life I want.   It would be easy to pick something creative, but I want to go even deeper.  I love meditation but I do it sporadically.  I haven’t done it on a regular basis when I should.  So I will spend at least 5 minutes every morning so I can start my day off right, and on a positive note.  Meditation is a source of spirituality that I embrace.  More than anything, it is the foundation of what I want to accomplish.  It is my sanctuary, my temple, my breathing space.

My mind can easily be scattered and cluttered with the garbage I want to toss.  I need a  way to help purify myself like water coming down a mountain stream that lovely animals would take the pleasure to drink on a sparkling sunny morning.  Drawing or painting for 5 minutes would be too easy, give me some meditation, which even done for 5 minutes, now that’s difficult.  Try to keep your active mind calm for 5 minutes.  Well, I will try and do just that, cause you know why?  Because it’s worth it, I’m worth it, and I love how I feel after I do it.  Enough said.  Time to beat procrastination one breath at a time.