Created some new fruit art…and then some

Fruits of Knowlege

Here’s two of the four new paintings of the fruit series I recently included.

I had this vision of painting fruits in fun positions.  Plus I wanted to add an “Old world” feel to them.  Painting oils of fruits is nothing new to me, but sometimes I really get a kick from painting them.  It sharpens my drawing and painting skills.  It makes me appreciate the beautiful textures and colors of the fruit.  I get to play with positioning them in cool ways.  It’s fun, you should try to do this next time a piece of fruit stares at you from the fridge.

3 thoughts on “Created some new fruit art…and then some

  1. Dickie Langworthy

    Josh, I’m the lady who bought your painting of St. Marie at the Evergreen Colorado art show and I just have to say – your work is stunning. Keep it up and never stop! I truly enjoy seeing your passion grow and you do a great job of promoting yourself without being arrogant (although you have every right to be!). Best of luck to you and I promise if I win the lottery, I will be your greatest benefactor!

  2. Josh Lance Post author

    Hi Dickie,
    speaking of promoting, did you become a fan on my facebook page yet?;) I remember you, how are you? Thank you so much for you kind words, I could never get enough of them. I’m glad to have you as a friend and fan, it means a lot to me. Lottery or not, I hope you will become my greatest benefactor, my work is affordable now, but who knows in a few years?;) Keep in touch!

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