Destination Unknown


I was a nomadic soul from the beginning.  I was born in Hempstead, NY and soon after we relocated to Tucson, AZ.  A year later, moved to New Jersey.  Later, moved to Connecticut, back to New Jersey and much later moved to Bucks County, PA then went to Santa Fe/ABQ, New Mexico and when I hit 40, decided to take a chance with my life and art career to Asia.  First, South Korea and then a year later, Taiwan.  I’ve thought about future destinations, so I let my imagination run wild.  In no particular order, but these destinations came to mind.


The creme of the crop.  Food, weather, lush rolling hills, ancient culture and an appreciation of the arts because it’s ingrained in the culture.  I’m sure many artists have dreamed of living there at one point or another, even if it’s a short time.  It feels like the mecca of all arts and with my 3 years of teaching experience along with nearly a 25 year career painting, this could very well be a great destination.


I just came across the last several weeks about this “under the radar” country with some great, beautiful scenery.  The weather is great, it’s close to major other cities and countries, only a 6 hour flight to the US and it’s less expensive than most other European countries.  I would love to know more about the art scene in Lisbon too.


I’ve heard many cool things about San Miguel, which is close to Mexico City.  From the pictures, it looks a lot like Santa Fe, and it’s less expensive to live with a great arts community and lots of expats.  Guadalajara is a close second.

Portland, OR

This city has been on my radar for many reasons.  It’s a mild city with a progressive mindset, lots of beautiful scenery that would be great for landscape painters.  There’s a bicycle culture and great public transportation better than most American cities.  And it’s a short trip to all the west coast cities.  It’s also a very creative fine arts place, not so pricy.

Santa Fe, NM

The city I know best.  The politics and the recession drove me out.  But I always loved the history, the food, and that it’s still an arts-magnet small city.  It’s a great place to be if you love alternative cultures and still feels like another country.

Lambertville, NJ

The small town I grew up in.  It’s in my blood and still one of the most beautiful places I have ever known.  My family lives close by.  It’s still an arts mecca, but it’s nearly as expensive as NYC.  It would take a miracle for me to end up here, but I never say never.


So what’s your opinions on all the places I mentioned?  What are your favorite places?


One thought on “Destination Unknown

  1. michael whelan

    Of course, we’d like to see you back to Santa Fe? But, why not shoot for the stars, if you’re looking for adventure….PARIS. That’s always been a pretty arty-town? I think Portland, OR would be more my speed, or Seattle. Although, there is an allure to Portugal?? Might have scenery that would meld with your style? Wherever you go, I’m sure amazing paintings will follow!
    GOOD LUCK, my friend whatever you decide. I admire your wander-lust. Michael Whelan

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