Dos Volcanos, a treat from Albuquerque

This is a recent painting I completed on location on the west side of Albuquerque, NM. I have done a lot of work in this part of New Mexico, but this is second time I did this volcano painting. You see, there are 3 cool volcanos in the west side, and you can see them from just about anywhere in ABQ. I drove to the fields and got as close as I could, there was some wire around the fields. I could only fit 2 volcanos in the picture, but that’s all right, it allowed me to focus better. Towards the end of this painting, there were a heard of cows coming into my picture, and I thought, “Well this is meant to be, I must include one of these cows!”. So that’s what I did, and it proved to be the cherry on top.

Here are a few highlights about this painting:

  • I used yellow ochre instead of my usual lemon yellow. Yes it made the landscape darker, but it also made for interesting green colors too. I was more concerned about keeping the values in check.
  • When painting the cow, I wanted to keep it simple, just a few strokes and that’s it. It’s good to provide a little mystery.
  • Be loyal to your subjects. Even volcanos need love and respect. Thought painted abstract, it’s quite realistic. I’ve heard somewhere that realism is made of abstract components.
  • Paint the hell out of it, no seriously. Paint until you can’t do it no more. Like a symphony, there are quiet parts and noisy parts. All deserve your attention. Give it your full effort.
  • It may be a 6×8′ painting, but it should deserve your best effort like a larger painting. The difference of a larger painting is that you can include details a smaller painting doesn’t have.


So there’s my two cents, even if it makes sense or not. If you’re in Albuquerque, you must see these volcanos!

4 thoughts on “Dos Volcanos, a treat from Albuquerque

  1. Christie Humphrey

    like the texture of your canvas shining through.

    Check out my site its finally up

    The flash page has our video in it. Take a look :)

    Hope to hear from you soon


  2. Josh

    Hi Christie,
    Thanks for the comment! I like how you did your website, much better. Can you put the “Dommies” video on Youtube? It would be great to show again. Hope all is well. Still doing the art shows at the market.

  3. Rich Brimer

    Hey lance. Keep up the good work. My favorite base for getting natural outdoor green is Cad Yellow Light and Mars Black. Give it a try. Peace, Rich

    1. Josh Lance Post author

      Thanks Rich, I sometimes use a cad yellow and ivory black, love those haunting greens too!

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