Drawing is the foundation for life and guitars

                                                      first drawing of the year


I was finally in the mood to draw again.

Drawing is like the acoustic guitar in relation to the electric guitar.  Drawing  is the essence of painting.  It is the calm, the quiet, the organization of things.  The foundation, the pillars of truth.  If you don’t know how to draw, it is very difficult to create a painting of great merit.

You can’t build a house without a good foundation.

Going back to one of my favorite metaphors, I love the acoustic guitar because there’s no fooling the ears once you learn to play the notes right.  And then maybe if you are that good, you would graduate to the electric guitar and become Eddie Van Halen.

Masters of abstraction like Rothko and Jackson Pollock, and even Picasso didn’t always paint this way.  All of them had foundations of drawing, years of painting realism and copying nature before they found their voice.  They understood painting inside and out.  It’s important to understand your own creative path, if it’s writing, photography, music, art, accounting (yes I said it), understand it backwards, forwards and sideways.  Then you can say you have earned your way to the next level of your craft.

Just be patient with the process.  Nature moves slow, but it’s efficient.  If I haven’t learned anything, I would just go back and sit outside and just start drawing anything that I see.  It’s never a waste of time when you pick up that pencil.  It’s magic time, time to make your magic on the drawing pad.

Time to go to work.  I’m far from done.  How about you?