Ending 2009 the right way


Me and my new painting in my studio

The end of the 2009 year, what a year and decade.  Did it all go well for you as planned?  I recently got some of these new Golden Acrylic paints which are called “open acrylics”.  They’re still acrylics, but behave like oil paints, dries slower, about 24 hours, and without any toxic residue.  I painted on paper, like the photo above of a New Mexican courtyard scene.  There’s something illustrative about the scene that acrylics produce.  One thing I liked about these acrylics is that I could mix it like oils.  It’s also tough to see the difference between these paints and oils too.  So far, I like them, but I will need to experiment more.  I thought about these paints or water-based oils.  I guess I like the eco-friendly paints.  I won’t paint with cadmium colors anymore.  I’ll test these new acrylics in the field as well soon.  

I usually don’t do resolutions, because I never keep them.  But this year, I’ll make an exception.  I would like to make a more confident, bolder collection of art that I used to think was out of my reach.  I feel good in the direction I’m going, and would like to continue with portraits and landscapes.  Second, I would like to do more quality shows and more local shows, so I don’t have to drive so much.  Third, I would like to evolve into a more confident, happy human being and not be so tense over everything.  It’s not easy being a grouch you know!  But I’m grateful for my home, relationships, art and health.  I’m ready for 2010, bring it on baby!