Experimenting healthy eating and painting, a new venture?

'Santa Fe Church' oil on board 8x10 ©Joshua Lance 2013

~ Santa Fe Church  oil on board  8×10
©Joshua Lance

I am participating in a vegan challenge I found on Zen Habits.  Yes, this has to do with my creative lifestyle, because I’m adding better fuel to my fire.  My lifestyle consisted of eating lots of junk food and less fruits and veggies.  Here are some new changes to my diet.  Not just to paint better, but maybe if I eat better colorful foods, I’ll see better, paint better, and feel better.  Here are a few changes:  Eating some bananas, mango (wow, it tastes so good here). I bought some watermelon, apples and my director brought in fresh pineapple from Kaoshiang, which is the best I’ve ever tasted.

Had a nice vegetarian lunch with rice, sweet potatoes, green beans, tofu and some coconut desert. I’ve had some oatmeal with bananas, strawberry jam, and peanut butter. Can’t wait to eat some of that watermelon for breakfast tomorrow. Rice and oatmeal are the only grains I have now. I’m still getting up late around 9am, but staying in bed longer, would like to get up early as 6am, but I have to get to bed earlier. Last night, I turned in 12:30am, which is the earliest this week.

My mind is so active at night, I’m addicted to fb and the internet. I also got some more art supplies today, as I will experiment with different surfaces and woods. I’m learning to take better pics of my artwork. Well, I think my eye is getting better at distinguishing good from bad photos more, and I hope my health habits will affect my painting in a positive way. Traveling to different parts of Taipei is wearing me out a bit, but at least I’m having more of a life outside of my apartment.  This was originally part of my Facebook entry but made it longer here, and here is  my latest work show above.  I redid an older painting in Santa Fe and put some warmer colors to add the heat.  I’ve really been into reds and oranges lately and I don’t think it’ll stop.