Fan of Patty

'Fan of Patty' oil on canvas board 25x33cm. 2013

‘Fan of Patty’ oil on canvas board 25x33cm. 2013

You can find very interesting people on any given moment in Taipei. I was getting ready for an art show this past August at a smoothie shop called WooGo. About 9 other artists participated in the show. Some were painters like myself, others were graphic designers and designed their own line of shirts and some just did it for the thrill of helping out a new shop.

I came across Patty, a Taiwanese web designer with a social butterfly persona and a lovely face. Especially the mouth. I notice everything when I meet someone new, and her smile stood out. I loved how she looked, notice I said I wasn’t in love with her. I fell in love with her beauty and wanted to paint it. Especially with the red fan in the background, a great photo.

So after that day, I went home and worked on the painting for about 3-4 days. That’s starting to become my new marker. In the past, I would usually try to finish in the same day, even do 2 or 3 paintings in one day. I don’t rush like that anymore, because I want to take my time and if I rush, I start to think the painting will look a bit reckless. Don’t want that to happen.

I kept the entire painting expressive, even though there was a lot of material to paint with in a small painting, I wanted to especially get the expression on her face just right. Without that, the painting would be no good. I need to be connected and was counting on that expression. I finally got it fairly quickly. It’s nice to not fiddle around so much like I used to, as it’s taking me less time to complete the expression. Like an actor, I like to get the scene by the 2nd or 3rd shot to keep it fresh.

So after it was done, everyone including Patty loved it. It happened to be my most popular painting I posted on Facebook.  Maybe I’m learning how to paint more joy in my work more, and frankly it’s about time!