FAQ (common questions)

FAQ (common questions)

Do you paint in any other mediums besides oil?

I have painted in watercolor, acrylic and pastel in the past, but I have focused on oils for more than 10 years.  It’s my favorite medium because of the richness of colors and the look and feel of what I’m trying to accomplish.

I see most of your work is below 16×20 inches.  Can you paint large?

Yes, I have painted several mural size works in the past.  I have painted small, mostly 16×20 and smaller because of several reasons.  First, I travel a lot and it’s easier to manage smaller pieces when traveling and relocating to other countries.  But I maintain my own studio wherever I go.  And I use my easel as my workstation.  Second, I like the intimacy of small works but I plan to paint larger works in the near future.  No size is out of bounds, I will give you a very fair quote on a particular size.

What are your prices?

Here’s my current pricelist.  Your new painting will include a wood frame and free shipping within the USA.

Do you accept commissions?  What are your terms?  How about shipping?

Yes!  50% is due up front and 50% due at completion.  Deposit is nonrefundable.  Many artists do this to protect their time and business, so you know upfront.   This enables your commitment and trust in me to deliver your painting with the highest of expectations.  Satisfaction with the completed piece is of the utmost importance. I make the process simple and fun.  You will know when I’m finished, when I shipped your new painting.  You’ll never be left out of the process.  You can request adaptation at no charge if you are not totally satisfied.  I will work with you until you are deliriously happy with the painting.

How about if I buy a painting?  What if I don’t like it?

You can contact me via skype or email to order the painting of your choice.  So you can purchase it quickly and safely as I run a secure website.  As for liking it, my experiences from clients said that when they received the painting, it looked a lot better in person.  I also varnish the painting (to protect from the elements) which gives it a glossy look and brings the dull colors back to life.  Colors tend to lose a bit intensity after the colors dry.  It’s something to behold and yet it’s difficult to take a photo of the varnished painting.  And depending on your computer monitor, the colors can look slightly off.  I take the pictures myself and get as color accurate as possible.  If you aren’t satisfied with your purchased, I offer a 30-day period to receive a full refund minus shipping costs.  Plus the painting must be in the same condition as it was sent.  But don’t worry, you are covered either way and my goal is 110% customer satisfaction.

International shipping available and is included in the price.  The price of my art, shipping, materials, taxes, everything is all for one price.  I like simplicity and want to make the process simple for you.  You can go here if you have further questions and send me a message, or call me on Skype (id: joshua-lance) If you are giving the portrait as a gift, I can also hand-write a card for the recipient.

Do you teach private or group lessons?

Yes, I can do both!  I love teaching. I have 25 years of painting experience with locations in the USA, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, China, Thailand and now Portugal. I have also taught for 5 years, often fusing English and Art to make it a uniquely fun experience. I enjoy passing my knowledge of art and life to my students.  I can teach private/group workshops outdoors and indoors, your place or my studio.  I’m in Lambertville, New Jersey, USA now, so if you’re ever in the area, we could meet up and have a lesson or two, sound good?  Perhaps one day we could even do a virtual reality class online once the technology improves!

I would love to collect your work.  But I’m not sure if I could afford it.  Do you have payment plans to purchase your art?

Yes, I can arrange a monthly payment plan that will suit your budget.  We can start the process by sending me a message here.  I want you to value my art in your life and have it shine like a beacon of hope in your home.  It’s an investment of the soul, and nothing replaces a true, handmade, original piece of art.  And not only you could have this art for a lifetime, but also to pass down as a family heirloom is common.  And I use the highest quality eco-friendly materials so my work can outlive me for many lifetimes to come.  Art is one of those rare products in life.  It will always be a living, breathing entity of beauty to me.  I am not one of those “slick” salesmen or gallery staff that makes you feel intimidated.  I used to work in galleries and have learned how the business is run.  I’ve seen the good, bad and ugly.

What’s your background?  Have you sold your own work or through a gallery?

I have worked in frame-shops and high-end galleries for over 15 years before going to Asia and teaching art and English.  Teaching has enabled me to see the world and help learn how to be a good teacher.  I went to school for art, have a BA in art from Montclair State University in New Jersey.  I have also studied music, writing and poetry as well.  I have also studied illustration, graphic design and art therapy.  All these experiences helped me become the type of artist and person I’m still yearning to be.  And currently, traveling the world has truly helped my growth as an artist/person in ways formal education couldn’t deliver.  And I’m truly grateful for that.

I’m an honest, working-class artist committed to my craft and I enjoy selling directly to my customers without any middleman involved.  No one can sell my art as well as me because I have lived through the experience.  That’s why I love to tell stories behind the art.  It’s what gives the whole art appreciation greater depth.  Therefore, because I am selling my work directly, my prices are lower than what a reputable gallery would charge you.  I have always preferred running a business my own way.  Everything goes through me.  No fancy politics involved either.  I wouldn’t be able to communicate with you through a gallery because client’s information is usually confidential.  I wouldn’t be able to (or allowed to) contact you through newsletters, mail, etc.  And wouldn’t it be a greater experience for you buying directly from an artist?  I always want a “win-win” for both of us because I believe in great service and karma!

What languages do you speak?

English is my main language, my mother-tongue.  Though I have learned and spoken bits and pieces of Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese or Hebrew, I’m still way more fluent in English and painting more than anything.  I learned how to visually communicate with more body language and hand-gestures (that I can remember) in other countries.  But learning about other cultures is really fascinating to me, love it!  Art is a universal language I appreciate the most.  I’m fortunate that I have taken my easel and painted on my travels, and that has helped me communicate with the locals.  It’s a real nice icebreaker, people enjoy seeing an artist work no matter where you go.