1 – How do I begin?
We set up an appointment to review your needs, look at my portfolio, or see paintings in person, if possible.
If you are outside the Taipei area, you can call or e-mail me.
2 – Can you work with photographs?
Yes.  I can work with existing favorite photos, or I can take my own.  As long as they are high-quality (300 dpi or higher).  I can also do some quick sketches for compositional purposes.
3 – Is it necessary to sit very long?
Very few subjects seem to have the time, or desire, to sit for the entire process.  If possible, I love to sketch my subject or, at least, correct coloration in the end. Each sitting can vary from 1 to 3 hours.
4 – Can I give a portrait as a gift?
Yes.  I can hand-write a card with my self portrait on one side and on the reverse a message such as “You have been given the gift of a custom portrait from ….”
If you have a favorite photo of the recipient, I can present a preliminary sketch with the card.
5 – Do I see a sketch first?
Yes. I do a preliminary sketch to show composition and expression, for your approval.  You will be part of the entire process via phone, mail and/or skype.
6 – When do I pay?
If you approve the sketch, you pay 50% of the total price and you will receive the sketch as well as the painting.  The remaining balance (50%) will be paid at time of delivery
7 – How much do you charge?
$75 USD for 9×12″ framed pencil sketch.  $800 – $3500 USD .
8 – How long is the process?
You can expect a sketch within 3-7 days. If you have a deadline for a gift, I can often speed this up.
After approval of the sketch, the painting can usually be completed in 1 month.  I can ship express mail from Taiwan.
9 – Can you make any changes?
Yes. You can request adaptation at no charge.  I want you to be deliriously happy with the painting and will work with you until you are.  If, by any chance, you do not want the commissioned painting, there will be no further charge.
Any other questions? Please e-mail me at josh@joshualance.com or skype me (ID is ‘joshua-lance’)