Going back to moving forward

"Lambertville Vista" oil on panel - my old home

This has been a strange and surreal winter for me.  I have relocated to Albuquerque, NM from Santa Fe.  I painted in Tucson, redesigned my website and started an online ESL course.  I needed a cheaper place but more important, a new fresh beginning.

But to get to new beginnings, you must revisit and tie up some loose ends in order to move forward with your life.



Sometimes you have to go back to move forward.

The wheels started in motion for me last fall, when I did two art shows in NYC (Nov) and New Hope, PA (Sept).  This involved two cross-country trips by car, so 8,000 miles of driving to do two shows.

Why did you do it? (I’m asking my alter ego here)

Because I saw the potential.  If you’re provided an opportunity to do something special and positive with your career, why wouldn’t you want to take a chance?  And I believed that I was going to succeed.  No way I would have done these trips if I thought it was going to bomb.

but it did…

I don’t know how, I had some great booth set-ups, some of my best work.  I was ready to rock the house.  But I faced the same issues as many artists do.  Lots of lookers.  Very few buyers.

i didn’t even make my booth fee back…

Ok, so you can see I did lose some money attempting to further my art career with these shows.  Plus, name any artist who wouldn’t do a NYC show if offered the chance?


But before I’m accused of going in self-pity mode, let me emphasize the positives of my trips…

  • I reconnected with some family I haven’t seen in 20+ years
  • I took girlfriend along to the New Hope Show.  I finally got to experience the country with someone else.
  • Went to the Rock n’ Roll Hall of fame
  • Swam in the Atlantic Ocean
  • Hung out with my good friend (who’s getting married next month, and I’m going to the wedding!) in NYC
  • Stopped and painted in each state I passed  through on the way to Pennsylvania.
  • Learned more about who I was each day

These are just a few things.  To grow as an artist, you have to grow as a person I believe, experience life outside your own little world.  I really enjoy staying home, but I also love traveling because it’s in my blood.  I have to do it.

…and I’m visiting the East Coast next month to attend my friend’s wedding.

…and I’m working to get my ESL Certificate so I can teach in Asia this summer.

oh yeah, what about the negatives of the trip?

I lost a lot of money, but look what I got in return.

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