Cody, with eyes open

10×8     oil on board

“Cody” was done from a photo.  I was taken by his glare, and knew that I would have to do something good with the eyes.  The skin tones were also challenging, as I was trying to paint a young, Latino boy from a photo that may have distorted the skin tones.  I believe that stories are told through the eyes, so maybe it’s up to the viewer to decide or interpret the story behind the eyes.

3 thoughts on “Cody, with eyes open

  1. Barbara Swafford

    Hi Joshua,

    You’re right. Each viewer will see something different behind those eyes.

    I was just checking out your site. Great stuff. Beautiful art. You are truly gifted.

  2. Josh Lance Post author

    Thanks Barbara, that means a lot to me, always trying to get better every day!

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