Horsing around with the art again


"Mr. Blue Eye"  8x10x1  Oil on board  $150

"Mr. Blue Eye" 8x10x1 Oil on board $150

Happy first of September, hopefully a month to remember!  I’ve been very busy doing some painting touch-ups on many of my works and hope to post soon.  This is a new painting based on an older painting called “Ol- Blue Eyes”.  This is closer up, a more detailed view of the essence of a horse.  I just helped some friends move into their new place yesterday, but I did manage to pay the rent and do some more notecards for the upcoming art show on the plaza this weekend.  (See News/Events)  My main concern is hoping the paint dries in time.  I painted over the weekend, and a week should be enough time to dry.  Yellows, oranges and reds don’t dry as quick as purples, blues and greens.  I’m not sure why but that is the fact here.  I made the archives section a little more colorful and fun, so check it out!