January 2015 art round-up

Dark_Park_Corner LR

Dark Park Corner  9.5×13  oil on canvas board

Well it’s that time of the month that I usually look back and assess what I have done and what I haven’t done.  Here’s a few things I accomplished.

  • Got my website redesigned, assessed by another professional.
  • Got a new logo after a ton of ideas, once again done by another professional.  I added my signature later.
  • Joined an Art Marketing group that has provided me with lots of great ideas and support so I can become a better professional for my customers.
  • Painted some nice landscapes and experimental stuff.
  • Got a new DSLR camera.  I never owned one before, and it already has made everything look more beautiful.
  • Sold a few small paintings to a client I haven’t heard from in a few years.
  • Started meditation practices again
  • Changed email marketing services to a different provider.  You’ll see the difference if you subscribe!

So the month has been off to a productive start to the new year.  I have a few wishes in mind.

  • I would love to get hired to do a commission.
  • Get a pochade box and making easier transportation and more production.
  • Get more subscribers :)
  • Get into a great, big international art show.
  • Continue making a great body of work.
Red_Flames_of_my_Heart - small

Red Flames of my Heart



Path to Sanctuary of Trees



Protection of the Seeker