Japanese Girl Painting Almost Done!


I’ve been working on a new and challenging painting that started from my trip to Kyoto, Japan last summer.  I visited this temple with bright orange columns and when I hiked all the way to the top in brutal 100 degree heat, I met this beautiful, young woman who was native to this land.  She was as beautiful as Kyoto on a cherry blossom afternoon.  Short, black hair on her petite frame and eyes that defined infinity of the universe.  We hung out together for just a few hours, as we hiked and enjoyed the Kyoto sunset overlooking the majestic valley.  We haven’t talked since, as we lost touch.  But she left quite an impression.  I knew that her photos would become paintings one day, you just know when you have that painter’s moment of truth.

detail of Japanese girlSo first comes the drawing from above, where I used pencil and charcoal to sketch out the details and provide enough lights and darks to help tell the story.  Perhaps later I’ll go more in depth with that process, but for now, I’m previewing my oil painting.  I will be finished tomorrow and posting it on my newsletter first.  More details to come. Don’t forget to sign up!  See you tomorrow!