Just a bowl?

Some say it’s just a bowl, I call it a work of art.  A very simple drawing of one of my favorite objects, a clay Indian bowl.  Done in the Old Master’s tradition of conte crayon on blue pastel paper.  It demonstrates if you break the art in its simplist components, it can be quite beautiful.



It’s only a bowl you say?

I call it art.


my final disclaimer

Well I did it again, I redesigned my site.  It’s a very simple site and let me go off on it for a bit, I worked really damn hard on it to make it look this clean and simple.  And I’m proud of the results, I want it to be the easiest, attractive art sites around.  I designed it all myself so the focus is on the art and writing itself.  Let me know what you think, so I can keep making this site better all the time while giving you everything that I got.

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