Kyoto woman of Sakura (pt. 1)


After the drawing on a prepared background that captures the Sakura moment, I lay in the palette colors for the hair. This photo was taken from my trip to Kyoto last year, a place where it really had a profound effect on my being. It’s one of the most beautiful places of Japanese culture to visit.

Now the painting. It’s not just black hair I see, but a variety of colors. I usually do the face first, but I wanted to try doing the hair first and see how that will affect the face. I always try a little something different each time I paint. I’m taking my time and not rushing this one, there’s that pressure that it must be done immediately. But not this time. I will take my time to enjoy the process and be part of its development. Perhaps it’s my introduction to a more mature phase in my art, but don’t tell anyone, it’s our little secret.