Lonely Little House: Feb 2013

oil on board
2013  Joshua Lance
 Here’s an older post when I just got to Taiwan.  Hope you like it!
You know it when that little voice says “Where did this come from”. Amaze yourself, challenge to impress yourself.  Just a few strokes and simple objective:  Make sure the sun sets on this house.
I’m taking a chance on love, which is why I wanted to go to the Phillipines and know for sure. Now I will get my chance and not wonder. You have to pick and choose which chances are the right ones at that time. I couldn’t have done Taiwan 5 years ago, wasn’t ready. I made it to Japan, I was ready for that. Teaching? Well I’m still learning but I knew when to leave Korea and I did.
…and I won’t let myself get burnt out from teaching that I will have no time for art, learned that lesson well. Never again.