Manila Time


‘Manila Time’
9.5×13 (24x33cm)
oil on canvas panel
©Joshua Lance 2013


Manila was a chaotic wonderland of sights and sounds.  Now that I had a week to assess everything I’ve been through, all the sights of palm trees, historic buildings, the neighborhoods, it was time to paint something that meant something.  I repeat, meant something.  I just don’t want to paint anything, it has to bring a smile to my face, something positive that was stimulating.  This historic building was in fact, Manila City Hall, a three-faced red clock that has been an important trademark in the city.  Every hour, the bell is rung three times followed by a melody. It is recognized as the largest clock tower in the Philippines.  So I spent a few times on rooftops watching this clock and mesmerized by its beauty.  

So why not title this painting “Manila Time”?  I wanted to keep the color scheme simple, with reds and yellow and the blue sky as its most basic colors.  You have to make a point of focus.  And part of the buildings are in the sky.  The red clock is the heartbeat of the painting.  One of a few paintings that will be in a series.  Painting my travels helps makes sense of it all.