Miss Independence will “Expose” herself June 15

Miss_ Independence

‘Miss Independence’ oil on canvas paper 9×12 Joshua Lance

What started as drawing some portraits quickly turned into an oil painting. How does this happen? Inspiration, baby. Sometimes it hits you when you least expect it. Several things I usually talk about on my blog are the process and inspiration.  

I don’t want or intend to bore with details, but isn’t that why you’re here.  Not to be bored out of your mind, but to be fed a few morsels of wisdom?  Is that why you’re here?  First of all, I’m glad you’re here anyway, because without you, I would just be another blog in a blog-filled graveyard. Second, I don’t believe in puffery and say exactly what’s on my mind and heart about the realities of being an artist.  I can only speak from personal experience.

So with that in mind, here’s the lowdown.  Tomorrow’s a really important day in my life.  Really. My first art show in Taiwan.  An event called Exposure that puts on several shows a year for artists.  I am putting all my p’s and q’s together for the last moments until the show.  Here’s the details of the show in case you’re in the Taipei area.

  • business cards
  • tablecloth (still in process of finding one)
  • 16-20 oil paintings
  • plastic sleeves to wrap paintings in
  • guestbook
  • receipt book
  • commission contracts
  • easel and paints (I will do a demo)
  • a nice outfit to wear
  • camera (video and pics must be captured for documentation!)
  • a whole lot of promotion, verbally and virally

and I’m sure there’s more but these are the essentials I must bring with me to the show.  Years ago I used to do shows with large tents and displays.  It was a huge production that could humble any artist.  In the end, financially it wasn’t worth it too me and decided to do those type of shows.  But smaller shows with tables and tents already provided, now that’s a better alternative.  If the right people, the right things happen tomorrow, it could be a very special day.  I’ve waited two months for this and now it’s here.  And of course I’ll post about the show.  You know where to find me!