1st sketch for my mural

This is my first sketch that I physically put down on paper.  All there was before wee ideas in my head.  Putting it down visually certainly helped a lot.

I thought about doing a horse’s eye, but with a New Mexico landscape in the center and an Arizona landscape outside the pupil.  I also want to use desert sand from Arizona and New Mexico in the painting.  The mural’s theme from “The Road Not Taken” is based on deciding which road or path to take.  The ideas were pouring out last night.  I may use 3 styles of art:  impressionism, abstraction and realism.  They each would serve a specific purpose, as certain parts of the painting would need to have a certain look.  I call it artistic dynamics.  I also thought about immitating a fresco look as well, like I’m painting part of a wall for a timeless feel.  I will print out some reference photos of different elements and bring them with me to the competition.  But at least I have a clearer vision of what the mural will look like.  I’m leaving for Tucson Thurs morning.  Stay tuned…

This mural project is also part of Kickstarter, a creative project site dedicated to raising funds and helping out a great cause.  Thank you!