• written by Joshua Lance, 4/26/2019

What do you think of when you’re in nature?  Trees, skies, animals?  The feeling you get when you’re outdoors is something you really can’t put into words as much as feelings.  For this painting, it starts with isolation.  Most of my landscapes have always been about isolation because that’s the way my life has felt for so long.  Though I work with and hang around people often, I still feel isolated quite a bit.  And perhaps that’s a good thing, it’s never as negative as it sounds.  To experience isolation on a physical level, you need to get away from it all.  Such as a forest for starters.  You need to hear the voices of nature outside your head.  Make sure they’re LOUDER then what’s in your head.  And just listen.  That’s it.  No big, long books to read or videos to watch.  You must allow yourself the time to decompress and empty out the dirty water that’s in your head.  Replace it, like a blood transfusion.  To cleanse your mind.  Do it as much as possible.  Maybe you’ll become like that deer in my most recent commission.

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