My first e-book is on the way…and underway

I’m embarking on a new, exciting project.  This is a “look into the future” moment that I’m thrilled about.  I just started to write my first e-book.  It will be about my perspective on the journey, the path of one artist and his experiences.  It will be loosely based on my life, of what could and will happen in my future.  Also, it will dive into some humorous, psychological elements of the mind of an artist.  So far, i’ve written a few chapters and am using the title “Dude, are we there yet?”.  Here’s an excerpt of my future book:

The artist profession is no longer a sub-par profession.  And of course, don’t forget that the performing arts such as ballet, opera, concerts and theatre complement the best and worst human existance can offer too.  The arts thrive in Artsville because people naturally crave the arts.  They demand it in their schools, no arts program will ever be cut here in Artsville.  That would be a sin.  This is a place where art is well respected and essential, I repeat, ESSENTIAL for human existance.  I believe we all are artists because we’re all creative beings.  It’s in our blood and our senses love it.  Without the art infusion, our lives would be dull, repetitive, like working in a cubicle with grey walls and florescent lighting.  We as humans have the capacity to believe and understand the power of art.  Most animals can’t, with the exception of monkeys since they share 98% of our DNA.  Sealife, reptiles, birds can’t appreciate art either.  Humans are the only living creatures that can process and experience art like no other creature on earth.  We are not meant to live in cages at some hideous zoo.  And once in a while, feces are being thrown at us and we can’t do nothing about it.  Doesn’t sound like a good place to be, does it?

I have about 15 chapters to go and would like to have it out by June or July.  It will not only be my first e-book, it will be free as well.  I’ll be posting some more excerpts in the near future and keep updating on the progress of this book.  Meanwhile, I must get back to creating some art.

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