My first pet portrait commission!

Last week at the Kadampa Buddhist center in Albuquerque, I was approached by this kind man named David.  A quiet and friendly soul, we have talked about each other’s interests, and of course I told him about my art.  My business card has a dog portrait on.  He proceeded to ask if I could paint a portrait for his friend that he’s flying out to see the following week.  At that point, I have heard many inquires but no one has really followed through, that’s the truth.  But David wanted me to take pics of his lovely dog, Hank, so that’s what I did and got a good photo.

“Hank the dog”


So two days later, I started the process.  I painted the background with an acyrlic multi-color background and kept putting layers so the warmth of the orange would come through.  It’s a warm picture and I like orange.

Later on, I switched over to green.  When it came time to paint the dog itself, I was breaking the shapes down to its simplest forms and later blending them with the fan brush, especially the face.  The expression and eyes were my most concern, as I wanted to capture the essence and emotion of Hank.  Just one stroke made the upper eyelid and that to me made all the difference.  I finished the painting in one afternoon.

Five days later, the painting was dried and I gave it to him last Sunday.  He was happy (and so was I) and later called me and said his friend really loved it.  And there you have it, my first pet portrait commission in the books.  Ok, who’s next?