My first Press Release-The Long Version

I have been working on my press release as part of my marketing efforts for the upcoming New Hope Arts and Crafts Festival on Sept 25 & 26.  Here’s a long version of my press release that I created.  I will send out a shorter, modified version to local media in Santa Fe and New Hope, hoping it will get picked up.  But I want everyone to see the long version beforehand, because it has lots more detail.  It’s just a draft, so enjoy!


Contact:  Joshua Lance


Santa Fe artist Joshua Lance has been selected by a jury of art experts to participate in the 17th annual 2010 New Hope Arts & Crafts Festival in historic downtown New Hope, PA.  Organized by the Greater New Hope Chamber of Commerce, this prestigious event features artists all over PA, NJ, NY, and the rest of the USA.  Josh’s work together with the works of regional artists was chosen from a highly competitive lineup by a group of arts & crafts professionals.

An born-and-bred East Coaster, Josh has lived in Mercer County, NJ and Bucks County, PA as an artist and proud resident. Receiving his art education from Mercer County Community College, then Montclair State University, Josh has always lived the artistic life and knew the importance of marketing one’s art.  Josh markets as much as he creates art.  “The internet has opened new venues of opportunities for artists.  You must have a web presence and connect with viewers to stand out.  Even before the internet, I was aggressively seeking out shows and venues to display my art.”

As a result, Josh’s colorful, impressionist style of art has been received well, especially after relocating to Santa Fe, NM in 2006, the third-largest art market in the country, Josh’s personal and professional life has grown significantly.  Josh not only participated in art fairs in New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado, but also displays his work at the Santa Fe Artists Market with other local artists.  Josh recently had a successful show at the Girls, Inc. Art Fair at the Santa Fe Plaza.  “New Mexico itself is a dreamscape of colors, light and atmosphere you can’t find anywhere else.  I see why artists relocate here.  It has opened my eyes, my palette and has been very inspirational to my life.  It’s like my graduate school.”  Josh further explains why he wanted to do the upcoming New Hope Art Festival.  “My family and former life is here, I have always loved the vibe and scenic beauty of the New Hope area.  It was always magical to me.  But after my first visit to Santa Fe in 1997, I knew I had to be in Santa Fe at this point, though my heart has always been in the New Hope/Lambertville, NJ area.  I’ll always be a Jersey boy no matter what.”

Josh also had the good fortune of doing several murals.  “I had my first mural assignment after someone saw a pic of mine on Craigslist.  I was just laid off from a gallery job in 2008, so it was a real blessing and opportunity.”  Josh adds, “as a result, I decided now’s the time to really develop my skills and do the art I was meant to do.  I’m very persistent and nothing’s going to hold me back.  Even this economy.  It’s my belief everyone should have art in their lives, it’s essential to the soul.  It has given my life purpose and direction.  I have no reason to quit.”

The second mural was a mini-bus mural.  “It sounds like a reality-show, but 6 artists from New Mexico answered a Craigslist ad to spend 3 days in Capitan, NM to paint a bus.  It intrigued me and I wanted to paint another mural.  So I went, met some cool people, painted our own mural on different areas of the bus, and had fun.”  The bus was meant to help the tourism in the area.  I also met my girlfriend through one of the artists too, so that event also changed my life.”  The video/pictures of the bus mural can be found on Josh’s site.

In addition, Josh recently self-published his first art book called “HEARTBITS”, which is now available.  “I have been a professional artist for 20 years, so I thought it would be fun to document my best work from all phases of my career and present it in a unique way.  It’s like a one-man retrospective, just with a book and not a gallery and accessible to everyone.”

Josh will continue living in New Mexico after the New Hope Festival has ended.  Though emotional about returning, it will be rewarding.  “I felt like coming back to New Hope for a show is like a final exam, I have prepared the past 4 years of my life for this moment.  I hope everyone comes and supports artists at this festival.  Personally, it will be very special for me.  And I’ll try to get some painting done while I’m in town too.  I’m always in business mode, can’t help myself.

This highly prolific art show will take place in downtown New Hope on Sat. Sept 25, 10-6pm & Sun. Sept 26, 10-5pm.  New Hope is one of the top 5 small town destinations for the arts in the country, located on the beautiful Delaware River between Philadelphia and New York City. Further details can be found on the official show website at

For further information about Joshua Lance’s work,  please visit his website at or email

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