written by Joshua Lance, 8/10/2018

Between 2018 and 2019 I completed posts on a different site and I’m slowly transferring these posts from that period.

My first painting in Ireland

Portugal is over, so what is an artist to do?  He goes to do an art festival.  In Ireland of all places!  I planned this several months ago and haven’t done an arts festival on this level.  I was part of an international art show called “Art in the Open” where nearly 200 painters from everywhere emerged in Wexford County, Ireland to paint at various beautiful locations.  And I completed eleven paintings where I just put up on my website.  8 days of painting bliss.  Where to begin?  I’ll start from the beginning.

This painting of “Wexford Red Boat” was my first painting completed in Ireland.  It was my choice where to pick out the spot, and I have never done boats before.  I soon found out there were many firsts on this painting trip.  I painted alongside a few other artists that day.  It was a bit cold, in the 60’s which for the summer is very nice.  Early in the trip, it was cold, cloudy and rainy at times but the weather became hotter and drier as the week went on.

The composition was a bit complex, as there were so much detail and information to choose from.  The point is to always simplify into shapes and colors and save the details till the end.  I didn’t know it at the time, but this painting was going to be at the Green Acres Gallery exhibition at the end of the trip.  All artists had to choose two paintings and get them in the gallery for a two-day show.  

So fast-forward to the end of the trip, this painting sold!  I was told about this before I entered the gallery that day.  I found out that the gallery didn’t want the artists and patrons to mix because they wanted the patrons to have space.  The patrons paid $50 to use as a credit to see the show first.  They were the first group in, and I couldn’t mingle with them, ah so crazy!  So I walked around town and returned two hours later to find out someone purchased one of my paintings.  I was so excited about seeing a red dot by my painting.  It’s been years since I entered any kind of competition and I wanted to meet whoever bought my work.  They weren’t there at first so I went downstairs and got a drink and chilled.  Soon after, I decided to go back upstairs and there they were, the great Irish family who bought my work was right there!  So glad we met and talked.  Personal attention like this is important to me, and I hope it added to their experience too.  

Because in the end, people who purchase your work must be like gold.  You have to nurture and take care of your clients.  They’re now a permanent part of your life as your art is to them.  That connection will never be broken.  

My painting sold to a great Irish family!