‘Nantou Country Home’


 Nantou Country Homes  7×10  Oil on Canvas Board  $200



There are many things to view from my window, and this is about the fourth or fifth painting I had done on my easel, looking out my window. There are many homes, trees, skylines. The trick is to focus on a selected view. It could be overwhelming all the detail you have to work with.

This was also a painting where the colors were real dull. I somehow know how to make dull colors and I just let it be for a few days and then went back to it with fresh eyes.

It worked taking a small break.

I saw the greens and browns of the homes were brighter and used a palette knife, to layer on the paints, to scrap some markings because of its rustic nature.

The purple mountains in the distance were fused and didn’t want to make it any more attention then it deserved. The focus was on the houses. It’s amazing how beautiful the different colors worked uniquely together. It was a certain type of character in Taiwanese homes I was looking for. And I think I found it!