Nantou Country Homes – going back

Nantou-Country- Homes

Nantou Country Homes – 2013

Once in a while, I will go back to look at my old work. I dust some of them off and take a good hard look at them. To me they tell me a story where I was at that point, what was I doing, and so on. So like most old paintings, I pulled it out, dusted it off, and put it back. Then I did it again later. And again. And again. This was the case for one of my first paintings in Taiwan “Nantou Country Homes”. It was a view from my apartment and noticed the rustic nature and beauty of the old Taiwanese architecture and then…

Finally, fast-forward to 2015 I updated it. If I felt like I could improve on it, then I did something about it. I made the mountains purple, added some more color in the homes and here’s the result.


Nantou Country Homes – 2015


Can you spot the changes?  Good, then I did my job!  Till next time…