Nature one, Josh nill

Today was a rainy day, the rainiest since I started selling my work at the Loretto two months ago.  I thought it was going to be sunny then rain late afternoon, but New Mexico weather is very unpredictable, like Florida.  No surprise, I left early like many vendors.  It really takes the wind out of you when you're battling nature.  It's a struggle sometimes just keeping the momentum and energy up.  It's still a bit slow with traffic.  I'm trying to improve my salesmanship, I'm not exactly sure what tourists want, except I don't offer $5 paintings.  That's why I made magnets.  But even those aren't selling like I wanted to see.  

Meanwhile, since coming back from the Denver show, I have been creatively active, redoing and improving the color scheme on some of my paintings (that I'll post soon).  I like the color direction I'm going.  I would like to compose some animal paintings soon.  I didn't get into the art shows in Boulder City, NV and Houston that I wanted, but I will focus more on local shows, including the Girls, Inc show I recently applied to.  I haven't gotten in yet, but it would be a great opportunity to participate in.  I have also posted some new work on my art portfolio site, so check it out!