New business listing and showtime!

I’m starting to set up my booth today, lots of preparation and things to remember.  I had an experience when I got some of my art framed today.  I was looking for frames at this local shop that I’ve got my frames before.  Usually things went smooth, but today things got a bit heated between the shop owner and myself.  I needed her undivided attention and when another customer was getting help, I felt a bit betrayed, not as important.  I verbally spoke out and told her that I was here first, I needed to get this done.  She took offense because she claimed that she has given me discounts and helped me before, which is true, but of course I was in a hurry and certainly didn’t want to wait.  So there was much tension and to make a long story short, I found the right frames, she helped me wire and fit everything together.  I was thinking things and explained to her about “common courtesy” and making the customer feel as important as the next.  I respect manners and treating the customer right, I live those values and expect others to do the same.  One thing I didn’t forget the shop owner said to me was “I always give the customer a little extra”, which explains why she never charged me labor.  When I calmed down a bit, my rational thinking came back and assessed the whole thing.  I felt bad, I apologized and shook her hand.  I’m not sure if this mended our relationship, but I made an attempt, and it could have been a lot worse if I unleashed all my emotions. Even the customer she was helping said before he left, “Just be patient with her, bro”.  Self-patience and self-control is essential for business and life.  I’m only human, I’m not perfect, but it’s important to learn from your own mistakes or you’re destined to repeat them.  

Also, I have a new business listing on the site, check it out!