Painting 30 days straight with an “x” for good luck

I have read a statement about Jerry Seinfeld, asked about his secrets of his success and productivity.  One of the things he mentioned that really intrigued me was that after he practiced his craft or something related, he marked an “x” on his calender forming a continuous link.  He made sure the chain wasn’t broken.  So there was always very long chains of x’s on his calender.  So I decided to apply the same and reinforce some good working habits by painting something every day.

I started on May 31 and so far I have painted something in my sketchbook.  The hardest part is to put your ego aside and just enjoy the process.  It’s from years of my perfectionism and very high expectations, that everything should be a Rembrandt or something.

That kind of thinking did take a toll on my productivity, as I wasn’t living up to my own expectations.  I had long periods of inactivity and art production as a result.   Hopefully now, with my “X” system in place, I have been very productive, even if it’s only been 10-15 minutes a day.  The point is, is that I showed up and painted every day.  And I take a lot of pride of showing up, experimenting with different techniques, and just having fun again.

So this is something you may want to try yourself.  Get yourself a calender showing each month, mark an “x” after each painting session day.  Remember, experimenting with your art will help you develop your craft.   It’s also a good reminder to cherish each day too.  Here’s my latest sketch.

Latest quick oil sketch