My personal art manifesto, pt 1


Art creates new hope for a new world. New beginnings leads to new life experiences and perspectives. Art helps bring hope and renewal to places that didn’t have any before. Art teaches how the world can prosper and become revitalized. Death turns to life again. Things look and smell different. Light becomes mystified and beautiful when we notice it again. Art gives us creative possibilities and solutions to problems we had. Most of all, art fuels the spirit if we allow it. Art gives us permission to dream and play with our own facilities.

Art beautifies the sanctuary of our minds and hearts to allow us to feel at home again. If we all possess a creative mind then all things are possible. Creativity encourages the mind and heart to work together. When the right and left brain learn to work together, and then to allow our heart to work with the mind, then our mind, body and soul can work as a team and we have the chance to become as one again. The world becomes a smaller, more beautiful place for life. Life can operate like a flowing river of love and knowledge instead of swimming against raging rapids. Art can help answer our own questions of life and mortality. But only when we are ready for the truth.

If the truth is ready now, then we are ready for the truth. Then the door of possibilities will be open and humanity could progressively evolve to a higher dimension of an enchanted reality. But to access this reality, we must access the creative parts of our soul. We must master self-discipline, accept responsibility and allow ourselves to access our unique self-expression to create a more positive and fulfilling reality within ourselves first.

We must accept our uniqueness and creativity no matter what others may think. We must love and respect our own individuality to prosper and finally get out of our own mental poverty once and for all.

(to be continued…)