Protection of the Seeker


Oil on Canvas Board
9.5 x 13″
$350 / Available

Josh's bar

The origins of this painting comes from New Mexico where I attended a Japanese festival a few years back. I especially loved seeing some of the children in their kimonos and took some pictures, knowing it may turn out to be a work of art one day.

Well, that one day finally happened. At least when you least expect it.

I wanted to close 2014 with a strong painting and for the first time, included two figures in it. The one on the left was meant to be in the picture but just an anonymous figure with no other real purpose than to “watch” over the child. Without the figure, there would have been less drama, and I wanted to have more drama in my work this time.

Because I don’t want to over-paint a painting, I carefully select a few colors and stick with the mixes. The only thing that changed was the background was a brownish color, and from an artist friend suggested it would look better if it were muted greens, to push the warmth of the girl to the front. It worked. So with a few scratch techniques at the end (I really love abstract backgrounds too), it made for pleasing results.